Kalos Orisate

In the culinary centre of Flensburg the Greek establishment Restaurant Dionysos was founded by Dimitrios Sotiriou in the year of 1988. Since its year of foundation it was pretty clear to Dimitrios that the main focus has to be on traditional ingredients that define the Greek cuisine and make it so remarkable and delicious. With this he promised to himself to enable a good insight into the Mediterranean way of life. Regardless of whether you visit our location for a fast dine or for an appreciatively-long evening in the summer garden with family and friends: With our diligent staff team and our main focus on a high-grade quality of served dishes the Restaurant Dionysos will enable lasting memories of your visitation.

With pleasure we would like to take you into the Mediterranean atmosphere of our restaurant in order to becharm you with the Greek-lived hospitality on behalf of our staff team. Besides the variety of choices of exquisite seafood dishes and also tasteful mixed grill specialities we indulge you with the unique taste of selected Greek wines in a way that at each attendance you will be reminded why the Restaurant Dionysos is the place of enjoyment.

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